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In the early 1980s, Bill and Olga Smith had a dream—to start a company in the Kitchener-Waterloo area that would specialize in designing and constructing custom-built homes. With that dream in mind they started Will-O Homes, a company built on their reputations. In fact, to put their personal stamp of approval on the company, they cleverly named it “Will-O Homes, the “Will” for Bill and “O” for Olga.

For more than 30 years Bill and Olga designed and constructed custom-built homes in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. However, in 2010, Bill and Olga retired from active duty in the company and gave their son, Kevin, who grew up in the business and learned every aspect of it, and his lovely wife Barb, the responsibility to carry on the Will-O Homes’ name and reputation.

Recognizing the challenging and ever-changing economic climate in which we live, Kevin and Barb decided to take the Will-O Homes’ reputation for custom-built quality and apply it to the townhome concept, giving home owners custom-built type design and workmanship but without the custom-built price.
And that is exactly what they have done, constructing elegant townhomes that give homeowners a feeling of pride and satisfaction in ownership, plus confidence and trust in knowing that they are buying a quality home from an experienced and reputable builder.

Moreover, as long-time residents of the Kitchener-Waterloo area, Kevin and Barb are visible contributors to the community, doing what they can to acquire and recreate properties that beautify the area and ensure a quality-of-life environment. In fact, when looking at properties to acquire, the first question they ask themselves is:

“Would we want to live in a home built in this area?”

If the answer is no, they do not acquire the property. Thus, when you purchase a home from Will-O Homes, you know that you’re purchasing a home that Kevin and Barb would personally live in themselves.