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Kevin’s introduction to home building began at the tender age of 12.

His father would give him small tasks to accomplish, teaching and mentoring him along the way. Being on the work site at such a young age gave Kevin a real education and first-hand knowledge of what is required to construct a quality, custom-built home—from observing the right processes to follow, to using proper building materials, to dealing with suppliers, to understanding what constitutes quality workmanship; Kevin learned every aspect of the business.

He then supplemented his first-hand work experience with a degree in architectural engineering from Conestoga College, thus rounding out his education and enabling him to contribute to the design of the homes he, Barb and team would build.

In terms of work philosophy, Kevin takes a hands-on approach to home construction and is accountable for every aspect of the project. If, for some reason, a homeowner has a concern about some aspect of the project, Kevin is there to understand the challenge and correct the issue to the homeowner’s satisfaction. Additionally, Kevin believes that being accessible and approachable are essential qualities to building relationships of trust with clients and being open to new ideas that can improve home design.

Barb, who has a background in finance, decided to give up her career in this area in order to assist Kevin with the business, and, more importantly, be at home with their young and growing family, which includes three beautiful children: Dylan, age 15; Abbey, age 12; and little Ava, age 8. With an eye for decorating, Barb complements Kevin’s working knowledge of homebuilding and provides the finishing touches for the model homes and offers clients ideas on how they can make their home from Will-O Homes perfectly suited to their specific tastes and preferences.